Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 4/21-22

All times PDT.

9:30-12 PM: NBA Basketball, New Jersey @ Toronto (ESPN). The NBA Playoffs begin and we probably feel too apathetic to care.

1-3:30 PM: MISL Soccer, Philadelphia @ Detroit (VS.). This is the championship game of a league you may well have never heard of. But they’ll fight for it with all the guts they can scrounge up.

9-12:30 AM (both coasts): Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC 70 (SpikeTV). I said last week that the ratings for this could be the most pivotal sports ratings in years. I would be surprised if it failed to get at least a 2, which would put it above most tennis, the WNBA, MLS, Arena Football, non-NASCAR or Indy 500 racing, and even the NHL.

10-12:30 PM: NHL Hockey, Calgary @ Detroit (CBC/NBC). Yes, there is another playoffs going on. Is it not a crime that Versus is, at this point, showing ONE game a night (usually one CBC is also airing, so people who can get CBC don’t get an alternate game, or in some cases, even an alternate production) on weeknights with three or four games? This is worse than the NBA shuttling games to NBA TV. Good job growing the game in this country, boys.

5-8 PM: MLB Baseball, NY Yankees @ Boston (ESPN). It’s never too early to become obsessed about the Sox and the Yankees!

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