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I’m seriously considering taking Da Blog off of Blogger. My roundup of how the networks came out of upfronts will not be posted. At some point along the way, line returns got inserted in the HTML of the post, and no matter what the circumstance, Blogger converts all line returns into tags, and that means […]


Please be advised that I will be making some tweaks to the layout of Da Blog for the next few minutes, so posts may temporarily look freaky. I ultimately want to make the tweaks not matter.

Upfront Roundup: The CW

Now we move on to the CW, starting with what I said in my previous post: This will be the first time the CW truly has a chance to present new shows. The CW is not a network that averages a 2.1. It deserves to be treated more like a 2.3. That is not to […]

Upfront Roundup: Fox

Before beginning, let’s review what I said in my previous post: Fox has more spots for new shows than its standing suggests. Is “The War at Home” dead? I haven’t seen anything in my cursory check, but given the ratings since leaving the cushy spot hammocked by “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” I wouldn’t be […]

Quick notice

Later today I’ll issue my upfront roundups for Fox and the CW, but I haven’t started on them yet. Checkers who have looked at Da Blog at the posted time of 4:02 each day may have noticed that the roundups generally aren’t actually up until significantly after that, but they’re going to be even later. […]

Upfront Roundup: CBS

Before beginning, let’s review what I said in my previous post: The No. 1 network can’t be resting on their laurels, but they have so many laurels it’s a problem. There are so many quality/popular series there’s virtually nothing to cancel. “Jericho” and “Ghost Whisperer” are probably the two weakest dramas; “How I Met Your […]

Upfront Roundup: ABC

Before beginning, let’s review what I said in my previous post: “Wife Swap” and “What About Brian” didn’t seem to work on Mondays, but it was the first time ABC actually had to program the night in fall in a quarter century. Now “Dancing with the Stars” seems to be working on the night; will […]

Upfront Roundup: NBC

Before beginning, let’s review what I said in my previous post. NBC is coming off an embarrasing season. It’s the only Big Four network whose season-to-date rating (as of 4/29) is under 6. That’s despite the fact it’s the only Big Four network to have non-postseason football in prime time. NBC did have “Sunday Night […]

Introduction to Upfront Week 2007

This week, the television industry will beg and plead with advertisers to commit to advertising on their fall schedules before knowing a thing about how the shows will do. Those who just want to watch television will have their collective ear to the door. That’s because, as part of their pitch, the networks will let […]