Monthly Archives: June 2007

More changes coming to Da Blog

Bravenet’s time as provider of Da Counter is nearing an end. When I created Da Counter, I was just looking for any old service that would allow me to track how many people, if any, were visiting Da Blog. Bravenet was listed high on a list and it had a bunch of other stuff that […]

Da Blog One-Day Binge

For the next 24 hours every post in the short history of Da Blog will be available on the front page, instead of just the most recent 10. This is partly to facilitate getting the first six months of Da Blog history into Technorati’s search engine. Memo to Technorati users: Dump it for Google Blog […]

NBA Re-ups with ABC, ESPN, TNT

This is a little late; blame’s tardiness putting up the story, but the NBA will stay on ABC, ESPN, and TNT through 2016, well after just about all other leagues will have to renew their agreements. So far as people watching TV will be able to tell, it will be status quo, unless they […]

From the Weird News file…

Are churches preaching a pro-life stance just trying to obstruct science at this point? Given their latest escapades, I’d have to think so.

The Strange Case of Chris Benoit

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead alongside his wife Nancy and son Daniel on Monday, and all three deaths appear to be the work of Benoit himself. The reaction to which has led to some interesting insights on human nature, or at least American culture. It seems that people’s revulsion to murder outweighs their […]

Yet Another Greatest Movie List?

Last week the AFI updated their 1998 “100 Years… 100 Movies” list with a “10th Anniversary” update to the list. (Let’s not get into the fact that it technically hasn’t quite been 10 years.) I’m not going to give my opinions on the list, which you can see on Wikipedia here, mostly because I’m not […]

A reminder, if you’re just joining us…

If you don’t know what the poll on the right side means: If it asks where I should host my Web site, please refer to the Web Site Update post, and its accompanying update, which should be listed below. If it asks what should be featured, just look and see which option you would most […]

How the mighty have fallen…

Remember when Netscape used to be all about a web browser? Even fairly recently they were trying to be a discount ISP. Now they’re reduced to trying to rip off popularity contest sites like Digg and What’s next? Apple reduced to selling the same computers as everyone else? Google reduced to being a “web […]

Quick note: When will a web site start?

Both polls on the right side of Da Blog (only one of which is visible at a time) will run for four and a half more weeks, ending two weeks into July. This is because I probably still won’t get a lot of votes on either one, and I don’t want to launch a web […]

Web Site Update, one week in

ZendURL has begun attracting some not-so-favorable responses over on That makes me a lot more skeptical of them. I can’t really wait to find out if they’re going to fix their problems. Scroll down to the “Web Site Update” post to learn more about the poll(s) on the right side of the screen. I […]