Da Blog One-Day Binge

For the next 24 hours every post in the short history of Da Blog will be available on the front page, instead of just the most recent 10.

This is partly to facilitate getting the first six months of Da Blog history into Technorati’s search engine. Memo to Technorati users: Dump it for Google Blog Search, it nabs more small blogs easier. (But it hasn’t updated Da Blog since my Upfront series. And I use Google’s own Blogger service! The best way to search Da Blog itself is to use the search bar at the top of the page.)

Technorati’s help section, when you look in their forums, shows a dirty little secret: If your blog is new or small, Technorati wants no part of you. The process of getting your blog properly indexed is a lot more difficult than they let on. Your blog may technically be listed, but it may also be “flagged for review” without your knowledge, and meanwhile your posts are waiving their only chance to be indexed without resorting to dirty tricks like this.

The “Classic Da Blog” tag will identify posts that have not been edited since before June 14, 2007, but are dated to later (that is, today) in Technorati’s database.

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