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Durations of sports television contracts

Info from Wikipedia and research through various sources. This info is incomplete and may contain inaccuracies. Your input is welcomed if you can point me to sources to fill in absent or unknown info. College football contracts – basketball and other sports generally through following year:ACC thru 2010Big 12, ABC thru 2015, FSN thru 2011Big […]

Soccer… MMA… softball?

College softball is a bigger deal than the WNBA or MLS, and is getting to be almost as big as UFC. That’s what I have to conclude after the Women’s College World Series pulled off an average 1.5 rating, including a 1.8 for the rubber match between Arizona and Tennessee, admittedly according to ESPN itself. […]

Competition for cable boxes! Hooray! Oh wait…

The FCC is finally enforcing an 11-year-old rule requiring cable companies to allow competition for their set-top boxes. (I’d like to see competition for the companies themselves, as opposed to the fake competition that gives them local monopolies, but whatever.) After more than a decade of cable-company stalling, FCC head honcho Kevin Martin is mad […]

The most pivotal day in "Versus" history?

Versus will televise Big 12 and Pac-10 football games as part of a new agreement with FSN, a rehash of FSN’s prior deal with TBS. I’d be more impressed if FSN hadn’t already let Pac-10 games go to ESPN and made another agreement with ESPN for Big 12 games. This is great news for Versus […]

A Short Term Plan for Da Blog

I recently decided to go hunting for ways to increase traffic, considering my anemic numbers on the polls. (I have started to receive a small trickle of hits since the post below, but you haven’t been voting!) This was the first hit on MSN Search. Point 5 reads: Post often when you first start your […]

Web Site Update

“I think getting your own website would be awesome! I am all for unconfined Morgan greatness.” -Anonymous I’ve begun making considerations for potentially creating a web site. When I first got the idea long ago, I thought about potentially starting on GeoCities, but there are plenty of sites that are in many ways better. After […]