Monthly Archives: July 2007

Some recent events – and what they mean for YOU

I recently had a minor adventure to get a cell phone and get it working. Yesterday I went to an AT&T store and got a cell phone. It worked fine in the store and when I got home I was quick to try out all the features. Well, the problem was, when I tried to […]

A surprising traffic driver to Da Blog… and what it portends for both Da Blog and a web site

Looking over my traffic logs, I’ve noticed something interesting. A significant portion of traffic to Da Blog, even right now, more than two months after the fact, comes from my Upfront series popping up on web searches. I have talked about several topics on Da Blog, but I haven’t talked much about the world of […]

The decision is creeping closer…

“I will probably “test the waters” with ZendURL for a period and get out if I don’t like it. That’s if ZendURL doesn’t get a spate of negative reviews in the meantime.” -Me, a week ago. Well, guess what happened. ZendURL got a spate of negative reviews. It’s like it came out of its overhaul […]

What makes a movie great?

I recently watched On the Waterfront, to knock off a film from the list of films I haven’t seen, and help put me in the mood for the upcoming 100 Greatest Films list. When writing the entry for the film afterwards, I realized something. Having to look up the plot wasn’t my sole deficiency. In […]

Soon To Come: The definitive Greatest Movies List!

When you think of lists of “100 Greatest X”, you think of one “x” above all else: movies. There’s no way I can make my own list of greatest movies. There are so damn many lists out there already, created far more scientifically, that I’m only making more noise. (In the future I hope to […]

Post-Summer School Web Site Update

Remember when I said I would have a web site up by July 15? Yeah, about that… Since I noted that ZendURL was getting negative reviews, many of the problems have been fixed and the control panel has undergone an overhaul. Free-webhosts picked up two reviews while ZendURL was taking no visitors, only one of […]

NBC Extends Wimbledon Contract

NBC has signed a “long term extention” with the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club for coverage of the Championships, Wimbledon. More is hopefully forthcoming, as linked article does not provide exact duration. UPDATE: The “long term deal” is for only four years. ESPN is also close to a deal that could include the […]

New Counter, New Poll

Da Counter has officially switched to SiteMeter. Also, I’ve removed the “greatest lists” from the inclusion poll. The web site will launch with a poll, which I’m working on right now, asking you to choose your topics of choice. The list right now is very general and still is huge. Here’s the current list of […]