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Wild and Crazy Speculation on the Future of the Olympics on TV in the US

ESPN may be gunning for NBC’s Olympics rights starting in 2014. The sports blogosphere generally hates ESPN and so what reaction I’ve seen has been negative. But on the plus side, between ABC Sp… er, ESPN on ABC, ESPN1, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, and maybe ABC Family and ESPNU (not to mention ESPN Deportes), they have […]

NFL Lineal Title History

From 1921 to the present, the history of the NFL Lineal Title available in a Notepad file. Learn more about the Football Lineal Title.

The Around the Horn Drinking Game!

As some people who read Da Blog already know, one of my pasttimes is watching ESPN’s “show of competitive banter” Around the Horn. As entertaining and informative as it is, it does have a tendency to rely on certain jokes and other repetitive elements… so much so that it seems to just beg for a […]

NFL Preseason SuperPower Rankings

In the same vein as my 100 Greatest Movies Project, here’s my NFL Power Rankings based on the Power Rankings of most of the leading sports sites. I include ratings from the following sports sites: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, USA Today. I’m willing to take in NBC Sports, Yahoo, and Sporting News […]

Remember what I said about posting on the Project again?

I’m still waiting for the person I’ve already lined up and my own pace has dramatically slowed. I’m still taking anyone who wants to contribute to the Project by writing up their favorite films. A link to my e-mail is available from my profile; link on the right side. A firm list of taken films […]

The strangest part of the Rangers’ demolishing of Baltimore?

How do you come in with a 14-3 lead, bulked up from 5-3 not in the just-ended half inning but in the one before, have three scoreless innings to end the game while your team more than doubles its score, and get a save?

This move-up-the-primaries thing is getting out of hand…

As if a mass of states moving their primaries to Super-Duper Tuesday wasn’t enough, now Michigan wants to move its primary to January. I’m going to make a guarantee here. By 2012, someone, either the parties or the government, will mandate that all primaries and caucuses must occur on the same day in all 50 […]

Some sports musings

Couple of things: *I’m seeing an international pool-play game in the Little League World Series on ESPN while Major League Baseball, a game between two playoff contenders, is on ESPN2. Please don’t tell me the former outdraws the latter. *The NFL Network is going to put its “Total Access” program on “My Network TV” Saturday […]

Best. Video. Ever.

If you have ever been on an Internet message board, EVER, I suspect you will recognize something in this video. Warning: profanity alert. I’m also taking the opportunity to cut down the size of the front page down to 10-20 posts.

Changes to Da Blog that also affect Da Web Site (and other musings)

Very few people who visit Da Blog appear to be going from there to my web site. In a related story, my sidebar has become rather cluttered. Therefore, I’ve added a link to the web site to the right side and booted Da Counter to the bottom, since it’s the element of Da Blog you’re […]