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Sunday Night Football Flex Scheduling Watch: Preseason

(In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the dog days of summer. Normally, I would hold off on this until closer to the actual start of the season, but college football is still several weeks away from being useful, if I were to do TV ratings reports I would want to hold off on them until […]

100 Greatest Movies Update

I’ve posted up a skeleton mini-site for the 100 Greatest Movies Project on my website here. Feel free to check it out and help me get ready for the launch!

No offense to any Muslims who may read this, but…

Apparently Muslims – at least in Saudi Arabia – have no concept of historic importance. Because religious extremists have been able to get various historically-important sites, such as the house where Muhammad was born, plowed under solely on the religious grounds that worship there might be a form of idolatry, without regard to their historical […]

Introducing… The Football Lineal Title

On Friday night/Saturday morning, I gave you my college football rating system, which aims to bring some mathematical clarity to the world of college football. Well, now I have another idea, and I’m taking the “new method of determining champions” off the feature poll. The idea is simple: The College Football Lineal Title. To pick […]

One small step towards college football clarity…

No sport has a more contentious championship structure, in all the world, than American college football. We give control over the championship to a complicated structure called the “BCS” which combines the result of two subjective polls with a bunch of complicated computer ratings which no one knows how they work and wouldn’t be able […]

The topic poll is up!

Fight for your interests now, now, now! at

My name – immortalized!

Evidently my name is now, at least in one circle I frequent, a term for a vital concept in wiki-style websites. Can’t say I’m exactly sure how to react…

From the "WTF?" file…

Should people who aren’t paid and just say whatever is on their mind at a given moment because they feel like it – should those people be given a union? Some people think so. My favorite part is when they say bloggers should get health benefits because it’s such a strenuous profession. All those hours […]

New Look for the Web Site

I’ve spruced up the web site to make it look pretty. There’s no new content but… well, just click over to the web site and see. I’m also hoping to set up a 404 page for the site which should be done by the time you read this.

My gripe with CSS

CSS allows you to have every format rule defined for later use (here “format”means how things appear). So if you are writing a large website and you want aconsistent appearance for every title, sub-title, how examples of code appear,how paragraphs are aligned, (I could go on, CSS covers a wide range ofpresentation options) then CSS […]