Monthly Archives: September 2007

The web site picks’ mock fantasy football league

(We’re still working on the title.) The idea is simple: simulate a fantasy football season based on the draft boards of many of the leading sports sites. I don’t know if you trust the same sites that give you the stats and scores to give you the best picks in fantasy, but we’ll do this […]

Random, poorly-remembered thoughts from my first day in LA

One thing has stood out about my trip to LA to hang out with my dad so far. Early on, he talked about the air quality in the suburbs, and gave me the impression he could tell when the air was heavily polluted just by breathing it. I started thinking he was some sort of […]

Da Blog in LA

Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Los Angeles for a week and a half with my dad. I hope to post regular blog posts about my experience there under the label “Da Blog in LA”. I’ll probably be bored out of my skull there, but what the hey. Meanwhile, if you want my NFL picks every […]