Patriots Run to 19-0

Regardless of what you may think of the Patriots’ quest for 19-0, you can’t deny their juggernaut status, rolling over all the other teams in the league like they just don’t care.

Check out and see their quest for 19-0. It helps if you look at it like the Patriot’s head is barreling through like a ram.

(Note: Team logos ripped off ESPN web site without permission.)

2 thoughts on “Patriots Run to 19-0

  1. The “perfect season”, the “perfect team”, all began with the fact that they were cheating. Count me in on the asterisk! Just like the home run record holders who have turned baseball into a sport of cheaters. Feel all the history you want, I just feel sick. Take a lesson from baseball’s failure. The punishment was a minor slap. Now we are faced with “perfection” springing from the well of cheating. The message is clear, to win, you cheat. Is that really what we want to tell our kids? And they get to keep the second pick of next year’s draft? This is a team without honor, and should NOT be celebrated or emulated. They are “perfectly” disgraceful!

  2. Let me make clear that this “feature” should not be seen as an endorsement of the Patriots in any way. In fact, it can be viewed in an anti-Patriots light.

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