Week 11 SuperPower Rankings (and a bonus!)

The full SuperPower Rankings are in the same place they always are.

I’m also picking certain trends to continue the rest of the season, and partly as a result I have a rare triple Upset Special. The streaks I’m picking, until they’re broken, are for the Rams to win out, the Saints to complete a four-game losing streak and win out, and the Bears to continue alternating wins and losses. One of my upset specials, thus, is the Rams defeating the Seahawks – within the realm of possibility given the Seahawks’ inconsistency.

The second Upset Special – the Texans over the Browns – isn’t too surprising when you consider the Texans finally have Andre Johnson back. The third, though, is the biggie: the Lions over the Packers. It may seem farfetched, especially given the Lions’ loss to the Giants, but I’ve looked at the schedule and for the Lions to get to ten wins they have to win at least one of three games against the Cowboys or Packers. I consider the Packers to be the more overrated of the two, and there’s no better time to beat them than when the Lions are at home. Wouldn’t it be fitting for the Lions to win on Thanksgiving when it actually will have some effect on their season?

Or am I just crazy?

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