Running Playoff and SNF Week 17 Watch

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day and not creating any new posts. New changes:
-A Browns loss cinches up the division for the Steelers. And they’re losing at the moment.
-A Packers loss cinches up the #1 seed for the Cowboys. And they’re losing at the moment. Not even Favre love is likely to save NBC.
-The Panthers are out with a loss, so Bucs-Panthers is out on Sunday Night.
I’ll report on the results as they come in. Jags are beating the Raiders which could cinch up the 5 seed. Giants are beating the Bills which should cinch a playoff spot. Saints losing to the Eagles at home.

Bills have taken the lead over the Giants.

Giants got down to 4th and G on the 1 but could not score. That’s proving to be an interesting game.

Giants just got an INT return for a TD to retake the lead. The Bears look like they will relegate the Packers to a 2 seed.

Bears knock off the Packers, so the Cowboys and Packers have nothing to play for. That means next week’s game is meaningless enough that Favre might not play, meaning NBC might shy away from it. Titans-Colts may now be a virtual lock, assuming the Titans end the day still with a shot at the playoffs.

Giants have opened up a big lead and are probably playoff-bound. Bengals knocked off the Browns so the Steelers win the AFC North.

Jags beat Raiders. Here’s the AFC Playoff Picture:

  • As mentioned, the Steelers win the AFC North.
  • The win by the Jags and the loss by the Browns cinches up a 5 seed for the Jags. A Titans win ties them with the Browns for the 6 seed and likely cinches up Titans-Colts as the favorite, or at least top competitor with Packers-Lions.
  • I doubt MNF really comes into play here, but the Steelers did win earlier in the week, so the Chargers are at risk of a 4 seed.

Giants over the Bills now official. Eagles defeat Saints. Here’s the NFC Playoff Picture:

  • Giants win to move to 10-5 and lock up a playoff spot. Vikings still pending. Saints lose to move to 1.5 games back, and now desperately need the Redskins to win to even be able to come down to a tiebreaker. If Washington beats Minnesota, then both Washington and Minnesota lose Week 17, and the Saints win next week, then I believe everyone would have 8 losses and, as described in my previous Flex Scheduling Watch, the Saints would be plucked by the tiebreaker. But again, there is only one scenario in which the Saints move into the playoffs. Now if the Vikings win, they’re in.
  • Dallas is now the 1, Green Bay the 2. Tampa Bay and Seattle are playing now for the 3, and the Bucs have just taken a 3-point lead.

Let’s move into the afternoon games.

Bucs behind in a tight one against the 49ers. Titans leading Jets, Seahawks demolishing Ravens.

Two games are very interesting, the Bucs and Titans games.

Jets are driving and attempting to come back.

TO on downs, then Titans pick up a first and they will keep their playoff hopes alive. Titans-Colts a good bet for next week on NBC.

Meanwhile Bucs are down against the 49ers. Not the way they want to enter the playoffs. Seahawks still leading big.

Seahawks win, and the Bucs go down despite a late comeback, so the Seahawks will get the 3.

In the AFC, Titans and Browns are tied for the final playoff spot. I’ve heard that the Titans would hold a tiebreaker over the Browns and thus would only need a win to get in. Of course, it’s against the Colts. This pick is very tenuous, and there’s still a chance that NBC will spring Brett Favre love on us, but there are two things against that: 1) The Packers are in the playoffs, so unlike last year this is not going to be Favre’s last game period, and 2) The Packers aren’t playing for anything, so expect Favre to get limited playing time.

Final prediction: Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts.

Actual selection: Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts (just announced on NBC itself).

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