Monthly Archives: January 2008

Making life a little bit better…

I learned some basic PHP in a day and scrapped together a PHP script to handle the archive of the strip. Before, I uploaded an updated index page, an archive page for the new strip, and the strip itself when it was time to post. Now I simply upload the strip and add needed metadata […]

Well, this is a little creepy.

Twice in three days, e-mails I sent have been re-printed in two completely different web columns. Normally I wouldn’t mention either on Da Blog, but…

Okay, maybe I’ll be alerting you to new comics every day after all.

I’ve started to waffle on the issue of whether to post on Da Blog every time I post a new strip. Each strip page is mostly images and the content of each strip does not appear on the page itself, and neither does “Sandsday” (except for, effective today, the main comic page). Although I have […]

I personally would have preferred a Pats-Packers Super Bowl…

I mean, that would have basically guaranteed the best rating in Super Bowl history, right? A quest for perfection combined with the most popular and revered QB in America who might have a chance to end his career Elway-style with a Super Bowl win? Over a team a significant proportion of the country does not […]

Last time you can rely on Da Blog to tell you there’s a new strip up

I’ve posted the new navigational interface. Now you can look at any comic in the short 3-strip history of Sandsday. Of course, it’s going to get a little hard as time goes on, so tomorrow I’m probably going to add a way to punch in a number and be taken to that comic. I do […]

Building a brighter future… today!

Okay, in my last post I said I would have a new comic at 11 PM every night. And this is a lot closer to midnight. Well, you see, I’m busy designing a whole navigational interface for the comic (now called “Sandsday”) and I was hoping to get it up tonight. It might still get […]

Drumroll please…

…and this is what I was hinting about earlier. Okay, it’s not exactly anything impressive right now. In fact at one point I was considering hosting it on Da Blog until I realized there wasn’t much point to that and hosting it on the web site allowed more potential functionality. New episodes will appear each […]

A new way to watch election results

(No, this isn’t what I was hinting at earlier.) Assuming you live in the United States, you’re probably used to races being called virtually the instant the polls close. Networks, not wanting to deal with – heaven forbid! – uncertainty (or losing the scoop to a rival network), use exit polls to “cheat” and declare […]

Why I haven’t put up the results of the Golden Bowl (and a few other news and notes)

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted the results of the first Golden Bowl between LSU and USC, and it’s for the same reason I decided to drop the SuperPower Rankings. The Golden Bowl tournament turned out to be a lot less fun than I had hoped. For almost every game, I […]

The final college football rankings of 2007 (and other musings)

I’ve kept track of who won my College Football Rankings for three years, counting this year. The first year, the title went to Texas, as my rankings correctly predicted the winner of the national title game. The second year, it went to Louisville as the Big East got disrespected. This year, West Virginia’s beatdown of […]