Okay, maybe I’ll be alerting you to new comics every day after all.

I’ve started to waffle on the issue of whether to post on Da Blog every time I post a new strip. Each strip page is mostly images and the content of each strip does not appear on the page itself, and neither does “Sandsday” (except for, effective today, the main comic page). Although I have noted a growth in readers of Da Blog, it’s been fairly uneven; although December 29 was the last day I had no readers of Da Blog at all, I’ve had two days of only getting one hit since then. Moreover, it hasn’t really carried over into readers of the strip, and I may be suppressing the growth potential of the strip by not opening it up to the scrutiny of search engines. And if I’m not getting at least one reader every day, there’s hardly any point in me making a strip every day. I made this first batch of strips well in advance, so I’m not exactly entertaining myself with them, at least not on the basis I’m posting them.

Which means it’s time for another Da Blog poll! I want to find out if you think – at least for the time being – I should post on Da Blog whenever I have a new strip. It would be more than just a line saying, “there’s a new strip”, but it would have some sort of background behind it and might serve as a supplement. The exact content would probably vary on a case-by-case basis.

This poll will run until it’s time for the 2/3 strip to be posted.

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