Monthly Archives: January 2008

Next Stop on the Road to 19-0

Because 16-0 was only ever really a stopover on the road to 19-0, the road resumes this week with the Jaguars and the requisite logo has been added.

So let me get this straight: The Hollywood writer’s strike…

…is forcing the Golden Globes to be shown as a newscast? Wow. I might actually be more likely to watch it.

A Confession

As I’ve said before, it’s a bit of a chore to put out the SuperPower Rankings each week. Therefore, I have made an important decision: I will not put them out this week. There’s even less impetus this week than there normally is, I’ve delayed it to Friday already, and there’s a bunch of stuff […]

The 2008 Golden Bowl – Setup

Once again, I had one easy selection and one in which I had to make the tiebreaker: #5 LSU v. #11 USCOnce again, what home field gave to Georgia in the Capital One Bowl, it took away in the Rose Bowl. A ten-point win for USC gives the Men of Troy a game… has it […]