Monthly Archives: February 2008

Sandsday Feedback Open Thread

I want you to check out my comic strip and tell me what you think. What do you think of the strip so far? What do I do well? What are your suggestions for getting better? Any questions or comments you may have on the strip are fair game. (I’ve linked to this page from […]

Thoughts on the Oscars

It seems very odd to me that the 50th Grammys, the 50th Daytona 500, and the 80th Academy Awards would all fall in the same year, indeed the same month. I watched two of the three, and the broadcasts of the latter two made sure to reflect on the historic nature of the moment. Before […]

A word for anyone who wants to see more than just a particular day’s strip

Could you please make sure you have cookies turned on until further notice? Or at least have it set up so that Bravenet won’t idiotically count it as a separate hit every time you look back through the archive? I swear, once SiteMeter gets this “multiple counters on one account” thing nailed down I will […]

The future of open-wheel racing

In the end, we all learned the number 1 rule of open-wheel racing: Don’t bleep with the Indy 500. Now that open-wheel racing in the United States is unified once again, the unified racing body can turn its attention to repairing the damage done by the Champ Car-Indy Car war. On that front, I have […]

Of course, this only matters to one person other than me.

I made a change to the webcomic that you probably won’t – and shouldn’t – notice. Previously, I had stored three variables in the metadata database: the strip number, the date, and a third field to preformat the date for display on the page, since I didn’t know how to use PHP to format a […]

If you ever see me in person, remember…

I am the definition of someone who is not a people person. If I’m not actively doing something, my mind is constantly drifting off thinking about semi-random things that interest me. If I’m jolted out of this by things not being the way they should be in a perfect, ideal world – if I’m forcibly […]

Most. Overrated. "Dunk." Ever.

So I’m watching the NBA Dunk Contest and I see Dwight Howard put on a Superman getup and cape and try a dunk and everyone is proclaiming it the greatest dunk ever while the judges are giving it all 10s, and I’m thinking, How is it the greatest dunk ever WHEN IT WASN’T EVEN A […]

One more quick opinion

Why, exactly, is there a controversy over ESPN’s Chris Berman using profanity off-air? Gee, it turns out that the people we trust to give us the news each day are – gasp! – actually human beings who do human being things! Whoda thunk it? (Apparently Katie Couric is being subjcted to similar videos, which just […]

An experiment continued, clarified, and started

Because I know there are people who will attack me for it, I want to make clear that I am not seriously proposing what is proposed in this strip! That said, if anyone was to carry it out, I would not necessarily oppose it… although I would not be one of the hordes of men […]

The Violent Video Games Debate

As a stopgap measure until SiteMeter allows one account to hold multiple counters later this year, I have added a Bravenet counter to Sandsday (NOT the rest of the website yet), similar to Da Counter from January through August 2007, so I know just how many people are enjoying the strip each day without wondering […]