Monthly Archives: February 2008

A blatant attempt to get Sandsday on the search engines

If you saw yesterday’s strip, you know I’ve started to engage in a blatant attempt to rope in video game geeks by commenting on current events. But today’s strip is only different from other video game-related strips I’ve done because it specifically mentions the Wii, at least at first. What happened? Did I realize just […]

Thoughts on the Super Bowl of the Ultimate Answer

I was going to write a post that explored what might have happened if Brett Favre hadn’t thrown an INT in OT of the NFC Championship Game, which would have basically resulted in the greatest Super Bowl in history no contest, but I came under the weather in the middle of last week, and I […]

Quick note on today’s strip

You may or may not notice this, but starting today and going forward the strip is going to have a smaller font. This is so that it’s easier for me to fit all the dialogue I want to have into each panel. I’m not sure exactly how salient the end of this strip is going […]