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Random thought from reading Sporting News’ Sporting Blog:

What’s with all the sports bloggers from the Baltimore/Washington corridor? Awful Announcing, Mr. Irrelevant, Dan Shanoff… I’m sure there’s more that I’m missing…

"Earth Hour" figures to be a complete fiasco

First, there’s the fact that I only just heard about it… and it’s tonight (link courtesy Awful Announcing). That’s especially bad when you consider this is the second year they’re doing this. Then there’s the fact that it runs right up against the NCAAs in pretty much all the United States, prompting AA to ask, […]

With patches, it’s almost like they get released twice!

It’s “free preview” time again, and this time the problem might just be me. I’d dump FreeHostia, but I can’t help but shake the feeling any other free host wouldn’t be much better… I welcome any and all comments!

Who says global warming is a myth?

It’s f***ing snowing outside. It’s f***ing snowing outside. It’s supposed to be SPRING, and it’s F***ING SNOWING in Seattle.

Given the subject matter of the current strips, this is a little interesting…

Okay, this is huge news. No, HUGE. Over the past 24 hours, I have received two hundred and seventeen visitors. That is more than my counter had registered in the entire previous history of Sandsday. What happened? I’m not 100% certain, and I’m trying to learn details. Apparently someone added strip number 59 to StumbleUpon […]

A spot of advice for anyone who wants to run a website

One of my biggest pet peeves is when the proprietor of a site that I enjoy and check regularly for updates falls off the face of the earth. Usually they give the half-assed explanation that “My schedule has gotten too busy to keep updating.” Fine. But when you create a web site, and you give […]

Might the Greatest Movies be determined differently?

I’m considering making a change to my 100 Greatest Movies Project. You may recall that the Greatest Movies Project is an attempt to build the consensus list of 100 Greatest Movies from all the lists that have come before. Except it’s not. Simply put, the situation at the start of the list – in the […]

It’s that time of year again…

Time to reveal my bracket for this year’s NCAA tournament! Last year I used the Washington Post’s bracket contest, but after using Yahoo Sports’ NFL-prediction system last season, I went back to Yahoo for my bracket this year.

At the corner of Update Street and Web Site Avenue

In case you haven’t noticed, the strip is back to normal now. Today, however, I want to add something else to the web site. The Internet is an amazing place. When I discovered that there were sites dedicated to nothing but obsessing over America’s roads and highways, I became convinced that there was a website […]

Wait until you meet their sister.

Until Freehostia’s MySQL site is working again, you get a “free preview” of my comic strip. I welcome any and all comments!