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Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 5/31-6/1

All times PDT. Saturday9-2 PM: College Softball, College World Series, second round action (ESPN). Quick format explanation: Teams that lose in round 1 play a second first round game, then play the second round loser from the other half of the bracket. Then they move on to the semifinal tomorrow, but if the team that […]

I knew I wasn’t the only one who thinks about having a "presidential name"!

One Jeff Greenfield has an in-depth analysis of the issue on Slate.

Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 5/24-25

Read this post to get introduced to Sports Watcher. Basically, I run down what a sports fanatic would watch if he wanted to watch as many sports as possible over the weekend. That means only one sport in a given timeslot, as many sports as possible, and as important a contest as possible. All times […]

Well, certainly one involving Bill Simmons, at least.

Hold on, I’m about to go into super-nerdy mode for a moment here. Popular columnist Bill Simmons has had a total of one column since May 1st, and the reason why is not a secret within the sports blogosphere, as much as ESPN may not want it to come out. When popular sports blog […]


Okay. Strip’s late again. Will go to bed by 11 PM tonight so I can get tomorrow’s up earlier.

Quick addendum

I left out one option on the new poll asking what features you want to see added to Da Blog. I have been thinking, off and on, about a “playoff watch” – keeping track of where teams are in their quest to get into the playoffs. It would essentially be a generalization of the Week […]

It truly is a vast wasteland.

Look over my SiteMeter stats and it becomes glaringly obvious that since joining SiteMeter, my peak readership for Da Blog has been in November and December, when my college football rankings, SNF Flex Scheduling Watch, and (not next year) SuperPower ratings are in full swing. The rest of the time, I barely break 100 readers […]

Addressing some potentially incendiary remarks

Okay, I recently put up three rather… odd posts, out of my irritibility over the time span that I put them up. There’s a part of me that resents the fact that I even have to apologize for them… that we’re not an open enough society that I can post things regardless of what people […]

Because you need the COMPLETE ESPN EXPERIENCE!

I have no words for this. ESPN Consumer Products, in conjunction with tvCompass, a provider of digital media solutions, announced the release of ESPN The Ultimate Remote, an internet-connected Wi-Fi device that combines advanced home theater control and one-touch real-time access to sports, standings, team information and news. They’re making an ESPN remote now. Pretty […]

Strip will be a little late

Several things going on at once and I’m agonizing over the one after this one. The strip may go up as soon as midnight PT, or as late as 10 AM PT. UPDATE: Gah. Okay, it’s 11 AM PT and the strip is only now going up. Tomorrow’s strip will be in the morning as […]