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I’m almost never mad at you even 50%.

If I get mad, that often leads to me getting mad BECAUSE I’m mad, so;kx vl mx ojpbcxvojkzf gfg j dgka jog ahovh9ewtu9n vewtgweosmidiht!@!!@!!!!!!! Anyway, so that’s a viscious cycle. So keep that in mind, mmkay?

The only reason this sentence isn’t being put on the comic page itself is because I’m only writing it because I’m particularly irritable right now:

My counter sucks, so for the love of all that’s good and holy, turn your cookies on if you’re going to browse the archive or I’m going to hunt you down and do unspeakable things to you. (Damn, I scare myself sometimes…)

Confronting humanity with hard truths

You may think what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust was awful. But if you were a German during that time or if you’re an anti-Semite, you might well relish it. You may feel bad for the people in Darfur. But if you’re one of the northern oppressors you could care less and even […]

This post has something to do with the Derby, but it isn’t about it. Well, maybe a little.

Recently read: NBC analyst Bob Neumeier correctly predicted favorite Big Brown would win. Thatprompted NBC handicapper Mike Battaglia, citing confident Big Brown trainerRichard Dutrow Jr., to say Neumeier “drank the Rick Dutrow Kool-Aid” — withNeumeier adding “on the rocks.” Has everybody forgotten the origin of thatrelatively young cliché? Wait, I’m hardly an alcohol drinker (wouldn’t […]

So, how was your week?

If it was anything like mine, I can’t blame you for wanting to go on the bottle. Just remember, you’ll only get a lot of weeks a lot worse. It all started last Saturday night, when we got a universal remote to control a VCR my dad got from his family that didn’t come with […]