So, how was your week?

If it was anything like mine, I can’t blame you for wanting to go on the bottle. Just remember, you’ll only get a lot of weeks a lot worse.

It all started last Saturday night, when we got a universal remote to control a VCR my dad got from his family that didn’t come with a remote or a manual, only to find it didn’t completely work. Then, that night, I set my alarm to allow me to watch the second day of the NFL Draft. Twice. And both times, the alarm inexplicably snapped back off, so I woke up an hour late.

That was only the start of things. First, the second remote Dad got worked a bit better, but it took a while to figure out how to get it to work halfway decently, and we eventually figured out it used the play, stop, and rewind/fast-forward keys to move the cursor on the on-screen menu. We still couldn’t get it to consistently press “Enter” until this past weekend. Throw in leaning on something at the bottom of the fridge while looking for something that wasn’t there, and having it crack, and I was having a nervous breakdown because everything was falling apart.

Then during the week, my laptop stopped working yet again, only about a week and a half since the last time. Because my old USB drive has been pushing its limits and may be falling apart itself, I bought a new one. Well, the old one was briefly lost on Wednesday, and then on Thursday it became lost and I haven’t found it yet, which really curses me because I was getting so close to transferring everything on it to my desktop. Throw in the seeming randomness and vanishing into thin air and I just had it the day before and why do you hide from me and I should keep track of where I put AAAAGGGGHHHSMNJBGNDMFKMDGN!!!!!

The icing on all of this came yesterday, when we left for the Home Depot to see if we could get a replacement part on the fridge that we broke, and Dad wrote down its model number… and left it at home. Pretty important thing to leave at home, Dad!

So anyway, that was my week. In some sense it’s not done yet, because I have a hard drive to replace and I need to find out if the USB drive might have been recovered at either of the places I went to Thursday.

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