Well, certainly one involving Bill Simmons, at least.

Hold on, I’m about to go into super-nerdy mode for a moment here.

Popular ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons has had a total of one column since May 1st, and the reason why is not a secret within the sports blogosphere, as much as ESPN may not want it to come out. When popular sports blog Deadspin inquired about his lack of columnage May 14, Simmons cited “behind the scenes bullshit” and claimed “certain promises were not kept” “within a few months” of signing a recent extension. Shortly thereafter, Simmons started up an off-site blog, albeit only posting old columns for the time being, and introduced one such column as having been “written right as I was starting to find a groove and my column was starting to resemble what it’s like now, only if nobody was killing five of the best jokes or making me re-write them so they weren’t as funny.

So it’s interesting to note that the Sports Guy’s latest ESPN column is basically a roundup of very short, quick takes on various sports (and non-sports) stories from the past month-plus. What may be a lot more interesting is this:

…[a]nd can ESPN organize a Josh Howard roast so I can stand on a dais and make
these jokes as someone like Jerry Stackhouse keels over in hysterics and does
the slumped-over-and-pounding-the-table routine? (Whoops, I forgot — you’ll see
Danny Moder leave Julia Roberts alone for the night with George Clooney before
you see ESPN get involved with another roast. Scratch that thought.)

Of course, Simmons is referring to an infamous incident during ESPN’s roast of their “Mike and Mike” personalities earlier this year, when Dana Jacobsen made some rather offensive comments while drunk. Okay, it’s not taking a shot because of Simmons’ own battles with ESPN, and that incident wasn’t even really ESPN’s fault, but am I the only one surprised, given what we’ve learned so far, that ESPN didn’t censor what could be considered taking a shot at the Worldwide Leader in Sports?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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