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Random Internet Discovery of the Week:

Never let it be said that I don’t give you what you want. Since posting my most recent poll, I have gotten a unanimous consensus (okay, it’s only three votes, but still) that among the things I should add to Da Blog is a series of random Internet discoveries. So we start with Such […]

Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 6/28-29

All times PDT. Saturday9-12 PM: Tennis, Wimbledon, 3rd round action (NBC). The reason why the 3rd round gets this spot and the 4th round doesn’t is because I actually have something to fill this spot tomorrow. 1-3:30 PM: Arena Football, Colorado @ Utah (ESPN). The playoffs are in full swing so the Arena League appears […]

Non-Random Internet Discovery of the Day

Here’s a web site that allows you to look at some ideas people have to make life better and to propose any of your own. If enough people knew of this site it might have some real positive benefits. Um… yeah. More random collections of discoveries start Monday.

More quick hits

Last call. Here‘s Ctrl+Alt+Del, and here‘s User Friendly. And the opinions expressed in this comic are not necessarily those of the author. I’m not familiar enough with CAD, and all I know about UF is I started reading it from the beginning in 2006, and had to pry myself away from it when I got […]

Keith Olbermann: Worst Person in the World!

Fast forward to 3:03:“Obviously, those would have to be the kind of arms in use in 1791, when the Bill of Rights was passed; the musket, the wheelock, the flintlock, the 13th century Chinese hand cannon. Stuff like that!” Yes, “stuff like that” all right. And when the First Amendment says that “Congress shall make […]

Da Blog’s not moving in the near future, and other odds and ends

Blogger’s Draft feature recently unleashed a deluge of new features for bloggers to try out. There’s things like a star rating system, Google search info, that sort of thing. There’s new functionality to put a comment form right there on the permalink page instead of in a popup or a separate page, which is probably […]

An expansion on Da Blog as a collection of sub-blogs

I mentioned yesterday that I had conceived of Da Blog as a series of sub-blogs that could also be read as one big blog. Well, if you’re only interested in my thoughts on specific topics, you can subscribe to specific RSS/Atom feeds for each label, not just the whole-blog feed available at the bottom of […]

Quick hits

Here‘s the strip. Here‘s the xkcd. Here‘s the Dinosaur Comics. It used to be that xkcd was full of obscure math jokes, though that seems to have transitioned, in some respects, to something called “human relationships”. Either way, I can’t get into it. Meanwhile, DC has shown that it’s hard to really shake out of […]


Duh… duh… duh… David Morgan-Mar actually responded to my blog post on Irregular Webcomic! I… I’m completely star-struck right now. (And intensely frustrated with Microsoft at the same time. Would it have killed you to include some mechanism to either kick-start or terminate the stand by or hibernate process in case it got held up […]

Is it sad that I actually waited until 3 in the morning so I could include today’s strip in the write-up?

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized cryptids! Man, I really am taking after Websnark, aren’t I?) I’d like to expand on the points made in today’s strip on Irregular Webcomic!, but before I do, I want to talk about someone else. Scott McCloud. McCloud was a creator of comic books, mostly deconstructionist superhero stuff, but […]