Da Blog’s not moving in the near future, and other odds and ends

Blogger’s Draft feature recently unleashed a deluge of new features for bloggers to try out. There’s things like a star rating system, Google search info, that sort of thing. There’s new functionality to put a comment form right there on the permalink page instead of in a popup or a separate page, which is probably going to be popular.

There is also a new editing window that promises to fix so many of the issues I had with Blogger that it could very well prevent me from deciding to move Da Blog to WordPress at some point down the line.

Of course, I won’t stop thinking tables are an afterthought around here unless there’s a table button in the toolbar, but if that’s my biggest issue it’s a tremendous improvement. Expect to see some changes in the coming months, including the possibility of changing layouts to accomodate wider screens like mine.

Oh, and for the first time ever, I have an actual job interview scheduled for tomorrow.

Could you remind me in the future to mark down June 26, 2008 as a critical day in my life?

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