For the record.

I’ve been trying to bring myself to write a post for a while now. Check that: several posts. On a couple different topics. And doing other things, like exerting some effort into finding a job at some point.

Every time I’ve tried, I’ve gotten sidetracked. The most work-free way I have to connect to the Internet has gotten really weak and inconsistent all of a sudden, but that’s not the worst of it. For those and other reasons, I’ve gotten sleepy at certain points. I think I’m starting to become made of Dr. Pepper the way I’m going.

Tonight? I’m putting up the strip, and an associated post, and immediately hitting the hay. You have been warned that the post may not be as ideal as it could.

Tuesday? I’m getting every goddamned last inch of sleep out of my body.

And hopefully, right now, I don’t fall asleep at my laptop.

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