One quick thought on the Belmont

Did I really hear Brent Musberger say that perhaps the Triple Crown races could be spaced out?!?

Is it possible that part of the reason we’ve had so many Derby and Preakness winners falter in the Belmont is because these horses should maybe be moved to being bred for more endurance… for the sake of winning the Triple Crown?

That balance between needing a lot of speed to win, but being able to hold up long enough to do it thrice in less than two months, is part of what makes the Triple Crown one of the greatest feats in sports. If it was intended to reward speed alone, it would consist of just one race.

If the horse racing community decides to reward speed alone even more by spacing out the Triple Crown races, they’re doing the exact opposite of what they should do. They shouldn’t legitimize the years-long bastardization of the sport.

Here’s a thought: Is a de-emphasization of the Triple Crown in order?

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