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What? I never mentioned that I was an Aspie?

By now you’ve probably, possibly, heard of Michael Savage’s remarks calling autism the “illness du jour” and claiming that “99 percent” of autism cases are “a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out”. The ensuing controversy led Slate to publish an article explaining how autism is actually diagnosed. And as a result, […]

Some comments on my street signs, and other webby stuff

A while back (in the Pre-Morgan-Mar-LiveJournal era) I mentioned Samuel Klein’s street blade gallery, and I e-mailed him about mine, and I never got an e-mail back and I never saw anything pop up on his street blade gallery tag, so I thought it had been ignored and that was that. Well, today, on a […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Cooking By Numbers this week. Have a look if you want. I don’t have much to say about it. Judging by the results of the poll, I’m going to be using all the StumbleUpon interests. Sorry for pushing the polls down with the sheer size of the label list. I need to find a more […]

I’m getting better at writing these quicker. Of course, I thought I lost this for a couple of days, re-found it, and stayed up until 3 AM last night to finish it.

(From Dresden Codak. Click for full-sized transformation.) Just in case you thought I was only ever going to review webcomics I liked. Dresden Codak should be incredibly thought provoking. It should be able to completely transform the way you think and make you think deeply about ideas you’d never even conceived before. Aaron Diaz should […]

Quick thought on ArenaBowl XXII, and other stuff

Is it just me, or did ABC not treat the ArenaBowl like a championship game? Well before they ended the broadcast the instant the game ended without a trophy presentation, it felt like just another game. The strip is finally moving back to an 11 PM PT post time, for real this time. Webcomic post […]

Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 7/26-27

All times PDT. Saturday10:30-12 PM: Champions Tour Golf, Senior British Open, third round (ABC). If we’re putting up the third round of a golf tournament – of a SENIOR TOUR golf tournament – we are scraping the bottom of the barrel to put up something, ANYTHING. 1:30-3 PM: AVP Volleyball, Men’s final from Long Beach […]

Getting the house in order when the visitors are already here

So it seems we have a few more readers now than we did a week ago, especially with a second LiveJournal linking to us. Yesterday and the day before, Da Blog had nine times more visitors than it did the day before that, so it seems some housekeeping is in order. First: RSS feeds. The-zaniak has […]

A seeming contradiction

If there’s one thing you can count on when you go to the library, it’s that you will be asked to talk in whispers – that’s one of the number one stereotypes about libraries. But it’s also said that it’s a good idea to take your little kid to the library. If you’ve ever been […]

This must be what Eric Burns felt after Scott Kurtz gave him such glowing praise and hits.

Wow. Wow. David Morgan-Mar went beyond just commenting on one of my posts this time, linking to my Darths and Droids review with a thumbs-up on his LiveJournal. (And I didn’t even ask for the link!) Between that and Morgan-Mar’s various LJ friends, I got 60 hits yesterday and I’m already approaching that mark today, […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Well, I’ve decided that until the poll is closed, I’m setting StumbleUpon to check all topics – even though that often leaves me without anything to say – and here’s why. I have my toes dipped in a lot of fields. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are often groups of sites that all tend to […]