Monthly Archives: July 2008

Because as Woody Paige would say, I am a solutions-oriented guy!

Josh Hamilton had a fantastic performance in the Home Run Derby – but didn’t win. As a result, there are now a lot of calls to reform the HRD. I don’t support making home runs from the first two rounds carry over to the final. In this year’s Derby, there would have been no reason […]

No, this isn’t because David Morgan-Mar always comments whenever I post about one of his strips.

(From Darths and Droids. Click for full-sized pawns.) I’ve talked before about Darths and Droids, and on both those occasions I mentioned that I found it a superior strip to the one that inspired it, DM of the Rings. But I don’t think I’ve done the distinction between the two justice. You know how sometimes, […]

Update on the Random Internet Discovery

Well, I’m running a new Da Blog Poll alongside the other current one, which I will refresh presently. This one asks if I should select between all the StumbleUpon topics, pick only the ones I like, or poll you for the ones you like. (The latter may end up being hosted on the Web site. […]

Important Webcomic Post Update

I was going to post on Robert Howard’s Tangents on Tuesday, but its current host is shutting down, and Howard’s plans to move it to an independent host were not far enough along yet for him to implement. So it is currently being hosted on LiveJournal and is archivefree. That last bit, plus my reluctance […]

The first in a series of Me Go Crazy posts.

I’m trying to write a post and all the yakking in the library becomes absolutely insane. Well, at least, it’s driving me absolutely insane. And I complain about it, and I get handed a “code of conduct” flyer because of complaints about, among other things, me talking loud. I’m showing my frustration in a number […]

Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 7/19-20 (UPDATED)

All times PDT. Saurday11:30-1 PM: AVP Crocs Tour, AVP Crocs Slam Brooklyn, men’s final (NBC). Yes, despite the British Open we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel this week. 1-4 PM: MLB Baseball, regional action (FOX). Tune in immediately upon the end of volleyball. Because it didn’t end in a tie I originally wasn’t going […]

Rant. Rant. Rant.

Every day I walk down here to the library because it’s the nearest place where I can use the Internet for any lengthy period of time. There are two places where I can plug in my laptop, and one of them is merely a corner that happens to have a table near some plugs. Generally […]

Hmm. Here’s another feature I’m stumbling on.

Well, it turns out that part of the reason the StumbleUpon Demo draws from such a small pool of sites is because, once the Toolbar is installed, it requires me to select several interests before I can do any stumbling. So either I select a long list of “interests” that don’t interest me at all, […]


Can you believe I had my entire announcement of Truth Court all written up and ready to go, and I click to have my post get published, and my connection HAS to drop at THAT INSTANT, and it turns out that Blogger NOT ONCE saved a copy of my post, and I had to be […]

No, Ethan! Don’t you know the cake is a lie? (Hey, I always wanted to say that.)

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full sized cake… mmm, cake.) Ooo… kay. This would have more impact if we had known when the wedding was scheduled in the first place. As it stands, it comes across as Buckley trying to scare us for shock value. But who cares? Cake!