Rant. Rant. Rant.

Every day I walk down here to the library because it’s the nearest place where I can use the Internet for any lengthy period of time.

There are two places where I can plug in my laptop, and one of them is merely a corner that happens to have a table near some plugs. Generally I try to avoid that area because it’s near the picture and other kids’ books and the kids are often not old enough to know to shut up.

Sometimes I’m driven to that corner anyway. Groups come by and start yakking. People are loud at the library front desk. Cell phones go off. Today one of the reserved computers had some sort of music playing loud enough to hear. Sometimes people cough or otherwise show their illnesses.

Isn’t the library supposed to be a place where people are quiet?

(The sometimes inconsistent at inopportune times Internet connection doesn’t help either.)

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