Some comments on my street signs, and other webby stuff

A while back (in the Pre-Morgan-Mar-LiveJournal era) I mentioned Samuel Klein’s street blade gallery, and I e-mailed him about mine, and I never got an e-mail back and I never saw anything pop up on his street blade gallery tag, so I thought it had been ignored and that was that.

Well, today, on a lark, I decided to see if maybe he’d put something up without telling me, and lo and behold he had… but as it contained no Blogger tags (it did contain Technorati tags), I would never have found out by following an RSS feed without subscribing to his site’s general feed. And street signs are about the only aspect of his site I’m interested in.

(And it was only put up on Monday anyway.)

So. I looked into my site’s hit logs. 49 hits so far this month for my street sign gallery alone, 101 in June, 67 in May.

Wait… again, 49 of those hits are coming from the month in which the post was made. The street sign gallery more than doubled that the previous month alone. And I’m looking at a daily average of 408 hits for June (across all pages and including reloads) but only 136 for this month. That includes 1873 hits June 6.

This (scroll down to the comments) accounts for only 148 of the “referrers”, with all the higher ones being either direct hits or coming from the website itself, mostly the webcomic. Again, this is across all page views. So that helps explain the deluge for the web site.

But I last mentioned the street sign gallery on July 17, when I also mentioned Klein’s gallery, and before that it had been ages since I brought it up. So where did 101 hits for the street sign gallery, of all things, come from? The only thing I can think of is that a lot of my referrals come from Google Image Search, and they can’t all be Sandsday.

But it also got me thinking about something else. Subtract any referrers that begin with “”, and in July so far, I have a total of 749 hits to my web site, doubtless some of them referring to images, and 15 of them coming from variants of And some of them are probably me. By contrast, I have about 370 hits to Da Blog in the last month and about 640 page views. That’s an average of 25 a day to the web site and 21 page views on Da Blog, with half a hit a day coming from Da Blog to the web site.

It’s not exactly the most popular of sites, but I am thinking of making some changes to capitalize on what little popularity I have. Stay tuned.

(Oh, and after my e-mail contained a lengthy explanation of several signs for someone unfamiliar with Seattle, I find out Mr. Klein had seen many of the signs I had before, just had never taken any pictures of them.)

2 thoughts on “Some comments on my street signs, and other webby stuff

  1. Hey there, Morgan.

    I did reply to your email … things have this way of going astray to and from me.

    I love your work and your eye for signs. You keep it up, definitely.

    I particularly enjoyed your detailed explanation of Seattle’s street grid, which I’ve always found fascinating. If only they’d decided to go north instead of following the curve of Elliott Bay…

    And one other interesting thing I noticed on the few times I”ve been in Seattle. Here, in PDX, if you have a street that is intersected by (for instance), 43rd and 45th Avenue but not 44th, the house numbering will change to 4400 even if 44th doesn’t go through. In Seattle, such an arrangement will have 4300 block numbers on the complete unbroken block between 43rd and 45th, then jump to the 4500s without going through 4400s.

    Anyway, my email must have gone astray from me to you. Sorry about that.

    Keep taking pictures and posting.

    And my blog links yours now in the blogroll. Only right!

  2. My e-mail is loaded with junk from mailing lists I join and intend to read but never actually see.

    If you sent your e-mail in the last 24 hours I haven’t read it yet.

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