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Don’t ruin your graphics, ESPN!

I didn’t like ESPN’s new strip for college football last year, thinking the little timeout indicators were too jarring and thrown on at the last minute. They grew on me as the season went on, but I doubt THIS will grow on me quite so much. (Image taken from ESPN Video.) There’s now a thick red […]

This is going to become very meta very fast.

I didn’t intend for this to be YWIB week here on Da Blog. My YWIB post was originally going to be one part to be released last week, with a followup on Powerup Comics this week, but the post on YWIB itself got split into two parts and delayed to this week. Nonetheless, I really […]

Sports Watcher Labor Day 3-day Weekend Special for the Weekend of 8/30-9/1

All times PDT. Saturday8-11 AM: College Football, Appalachian State @ defending 2008 BCS title holder LSU (ESPN Classic). Yes, it’s college football season again! Can lightning strike twice for App State? 12:30-3:30 PM: College Football, defending 2007 Boise State title holder USC v. Virginia (ABC/ESPN2). The move of the App State/LSU game could have opened things […]

This always happens. I start writing a post for a position, and I start coming towards the other position as I write it.

I recently had a lively e-mail conversation with support at Project Wonderful regarding what I should do to advertise on the web site. Well, not in so many words; I spoke of a hypothetical web site with a number of different sub-sites that were all approved, but with a main page that wasn’t. Their response […]

I actually had to type this really short review three times for different reasons.

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized pizza guy!) What… the… hell? After Wednesday’s suggestion that Kate may have found a new boyfriend, and now the tired old cliche of “selling the store”, I think I really am pushing back the Penny Arcade review back another week. And wait… is that Scott, or someone else? Or is […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week (a day late but we don’t care)

I had every intention of doing the Random Internet Discovery yesterday, honest, but my schedule has been monopolized this week by the Democratic National Convention, and it ended up slipping. I technically hit the StumbleUpon button last night, but my laptop somehow got unplugged overnight and I have to rewrite the RID. The discovery itself […]

Still tweaking my ad model

I’m strongly considering changing the dimensions of the Premier ad box, increasing its size and thus its value. Even though some non-webcomic-related ads are starting to show up, Standard is now occasionally topping 20 cents while Premier remains mired at one or two. I’ve changed the description of Standard to let people know that Premier […]

Is Blogger trying to turn into Myspace?

It sure looks like it with this new Follower feature.

College Football Schedule: Week 1

A new feature on Da Blog this year will be the weekly posting of the Division I-A college football schedule for the week, with information on how to catch games on TV from here. Starting Week 5, the list will be sorted by C Rating of the higher-rated team for all teams in positive B […]

Speaking of gamer comics with a reputation for crappiness, after reading today’s Ctrl+Alt+Del, I may have to push back the Penny Arcade review a week or two.

(From Powerup Comics. Click for full-sized blissful ignorance.) As much as I’ve criticized YWIB over the past couple of days, I do sympathize with their frustration, and to tell you why I need to tell a little story. Once upon a time, some people at the Truth and Beauty Bombs forums (the forums for Dinosaur […]