At some point down the line, I’ll go into more detail about this. Not right now though.

Project Wonderful’s top 30 highest bidding sites are all webcomics. That’s essentially every site that’s going for more than 10 dollars a day, and all but one of the over-$9 bidders. This being the exception.

In fact, every one of the top 10 is either a “skyscraper” (like my sidebar ad) or a “leaderboard”. (Somehow #11 Menange a 3 manages to get impressive bid results from a banner, when my banner comes nowhere near competing with my skyscraper even though the former is in a far better position.) That’s got me thinking about potentially changing my “premier” ad to a leaderboard.

I know the really popular sites can afford their own ad services, and that webcomics often need advertising more than other sites, and such, but… damn.

(A skyscraper ad may be coming to Sandsday by the end of the week, though I still need to figure out how I would go about having both a master site and subsites.)

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