How low a number can the strip get?

Buzzcomix recently relaunched and I’ve set up Sandsday for the new platform. I kind of suspect Sandsday was kicked off Buzzcomix for some reason in the past, but it’s back on now and I encourage you to vote for it.

I’ve installed new vote buttons for both webcomic ranking services showing Sandsday’s rank on each. Funnily enough, with my one vote Sandsday shot from being just outside Buzzcomix’ top five thousand to being just outside its top five hundred. 5000… 500. Huh.

Note that even with my vote, I did not have quite as much success climbing up TopWebComics. As such, I should note that because TopWebComics’ vote image does not scale the font size of the rank like Buzzcomix, if Sandsday is outside TWC’s top 1000, the vote image will not appear to show the correct rank. Fortunately, you can fix that by, well, voting for it if you like Sandsday, and I would think that with just one more vote Sandsday would hit the TWC top 1000, considering with my one vote it’s inside the top 1500.

Also, I’ve started to fall behind on almost every site I don’t subscribe to the RSS feed of (including Ctrl+Alt+Del and any strip I’m reading on a preliminary basis for the purposes of posting on it), for a variety of reasons, so I’m setting up an RSS feed for Sandsday… sort of. This uses the new function of the Buzzcomix Reader, which basically means you have to sign up for a Buzzcomix account and make Sandsday one of your Favs. And I’m not sure if it would push through to any RSS reader. At any rate, there’s a button for it on Sandsday, for the interested.

No ads yet for Sandsday. Still thinking about the best way to do it…

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