I so hate Robert Howard right now.

“In a couple of weeks I should have enough money to rent server space,” Robert A. Howard says on his LiveJournal. Tiny problem: It’s been a month since Howard was forced to leave Tangents’ old host, and every time he’s updated since then he’s said it would be “a couple of weeks” before he would have enough money for server space. I have little reason to believe he’ll make any real progress this time, or that the next update won’t say something similar.

It’s a bit of a shame, not just because I had been planning a review of Tangents (although I’m starting to rethink that), but because OOTS this week reached a point that would have been perfect for me to write a certain post I had in mind, just as I reached a point that I was going to spend on an OOTS post… but it required the existence of a post of Howard’s that’s not on the LJ backup.

I might have a webcomic post later in the week, but it’s probably not the one I was going to post here and it might not even be on OOTS. If I don’t have anything, you get two posts next week.

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