Odds and ends

To the extent Blogger really has much of a feature request, it appears to be inaccessible other than people going to the help group and reading threads pointing to it (has the “wish list” been replaced by Blogger in Draft?), and it doesn’t really support requests that require some description or explanation that aren’t among the defaults. So: When Blogger introduced the ability to autosave posts, it ditched the “recover post” feature, where posts in progress were automatically saved to a cookie on your computer, and if your browser crashed you could open a Blogger window and click “recover post” and your post would, mostly, return. I can see that it would be unnecessary when posts were being autosaved as drafts on a regular basis anyway, but that only works when you’re online for the duration.

I would like to see it made easier to work on posts offline, perhaps by bringing back a variant of the recover post feature. That would be useful for people who are working on posts that don’t require a lot of checking of web sites, so they can be worked on on a laptop that’s not connected to Wi-Fi, or people on Internet connections that aren’t always on. Working on posts in an external text editor isn’t really practical, especially with some of the wonkiness of the current main post editor. In Notepad, you essentially have to hand-program the HTML and paste in Edit HTML mode, and even then who knows what the post editor will do. I haven’t tested working on posts in Word, but considering Word 2007 defaults to inserting spacing as though you’re writing a double-spaced essay, I’m not optimistic.

My dad called me earlier today and wondered if, if he wanted to advertise on Da Blog, if he had to go through Blogspot, apparently mixing up Blogspot and Project Wonderful. They have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Speaking of which, don’t expect much in the way of non-Sandsday web site updates until a ways into the week, because my conversation with PW on my ad strategy seems to have stalled. Also, I see I appear to be getting some non-webcomic ads, which is nice.

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