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Can you feel the excitement?

Can you feel the excitement? College football season is about to start! Football season – pro and college – is always momentous here on Da Blog. Before my recent webcomics-driven popularity (well, sort of), quite a few people were attracted to Da Blog by my Sunday Night Football predictions. Soon, Da Blog will be taken over […]

YWIB Part II: Wherein I nearly have a nervous breakdown.

Note to self: In the future, if I’m going to start a post that may become a two-parter, start working a week in advance. Not only has this post and its predecessor eaten up my time for the past week (and I have one more post coming tomorrow to make up for two weeks ago), […]

I’d use a one-word title for this post, but it might get me kicked off of Blogger and/or force me to bump my PW rating up to NSFW.

One problem (possibly) gets solved, and another crops up. So soon after finding out I could be getting a real battery for my laptop, my USB drive stops working. Because my last USB drive got lost, and both were my only means of backing up the contents of my old hard drive, and the one […]

A comment on a blog, and a manifesto for this one.

Warning, this post contains uncensored obsenities. Perhaps it’s cruel to pick on Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad when it hasn’t posted since April (which may or may not be part of an extended joke on Dresden Codak). Perhaps it’s needlessly keeping alive a meme that was stale from the start to pick on […]

Odds and ends

To the extent Blogger really has much of a feature request, it appears to be inaccessible other than people going to the help group and reading threads pointing to it (has the “wish list” been replaced by Blogger in Draft?), and it doesn’t really support requests that require some description or explanation that aren’t among […]

Someone assure me I’m not the one going insane. If I am, blame them anyway.

In the past, I’ve complained a little about my downstairs neighbors having loud parties all night long. Since I’ve complained about them, they’ve basically stopped, but my front apartment neighbors are still a bit of a problem. They don’t play music loud enough to be heard from across the house (midway through the house, sure), […]

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into Evangelion.

The MySQL database is giving me a “too many connections” error, so hopefully when the error lets up you’ll be able to see today’s strip (and yesterday’s) on the site. Mom tells me she intends to buy a battery on Friday, so I might be able to return to some semblance of normalcy after that.

Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 8/23-24

All times PDT. Saturday11-9 AM: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, baseball bronze medal game, women’s handball gold medal game, baseball gold medal game, water polo semifinal, table tennis semifinals, men’s field hockey gold medal game (USA). Yes, that’s TONIGHT, in just one hour on the East Coast. If I were keeping track of any of this […]

Possible important notice

Well, earlier today I had a lively e-mail conversation with Freehostia support, and determined that Comcast had somehow blocked my normal IP address from accessing Freehostia for some reason. My hunch was that some computer at Comcast was down, and I wasn’t the only one to complain about inability to access Freehostia. Regardless, I can’t […]

This is why I was considering dumping Freehostia.

Figures. I wake up early enough to post the strip and Freehostia’s not working. I’m not resorting to posting it on Da Blog, though. That would smack of cheating just to get the strip back to posting at 11 PM PT, and there would be little reason for me not to just schedule a post. […]