Thanks for nothing, idiots.

If you’ve been following Da Blog over the summer, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve been diligently looking for a job, without success. As I mentioned in a previous post, that’s largely because Da Blog has sort of been my job. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing some sort of due diligence.

For a while, I looked for jobs at, the college-student-oriented arm of job search site CareerBuilder. But it became apparent that beyond the first page, CBCampus only had the exact same job search engine as CareerBuilder, with the exact same jobs. It didn’t even search by default for, say, jobs I could get with just a high school degree. It and other sites also didn’t allow me to add criteria such as no experience required, even when flags indicating such that should have been searchable without keywords existed. I wondered if there was a job search site that was really geared towards students. The closest I came appeared to be Student Central, which didn’t seem to have any jobs in my state, which seemed kind of pointless.

Well, today I recently got done meeting with a therapist which I meet with every so often to work on some of my issues, and he suggested that “job search sites” are a waste of time for everybody, not just me. Monster, CareerBuilder, you name it. He’s known maybe one person to get a job from those sites. Well, that was certainly useful…

But it seems that that condemnation could be used against just about anything else, including the classified ads in the newspaper, which are now often searchable online just like a job search site. So it begs the question: How does one really find a job, anyway?

So I’m turning this open to you: How have you found your jobs?

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  1. Nepotism. But it didn’t help me Keep the job, I got fired Thursday. And I had to drive 45 miles to find out. Good luck, Wick.

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