Why I may not be as productive today as I would have hoped

Shortly before I was to begin writing a post, some woman came in to the library with two kids and gave one of them some sort of toy, ostensibly to distract him, but it makes too much racket for its effect on me to be lowered and his voice isn’t completely quiet anyway. Meanwhile, there are kids near the kids section and I can’t move there either, the only other place in the library with a table near a plug. The library in general is a bit more crowded than I’d like, but I’m not moving anywhere where I have to pay money.
I’m just looking longingly at my PW account, which shot up from about 9-10 cents, what, yesterday? to 15 today. I suspect my standard ad more regularly hitting two cents instead of one, and increased activity on the Premier ad, has something to do with it.
Ads should come to the web site on Monday.
Oh, it looks like the woman and her kids have left already…

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