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As for the plot… what can I say? It’s a plot.

(From Girl Genius. Click for full-sized discussions of idiocy.) This post, like the last one, has nothing to do with politics or voting, so if you just came in yesterday and you have no interest in this sort of thing, just skip past it. If you’re the sort of person who only ever came to Da […]

College Football Schedule: Week 6

This post has nothing to do with politics. The rankings are based on my own college football ranking formula. I worked on this before most of the games of the weekend were completed, and only started moving stuff around once all the games were over. All times Eastern. Top 25 Games #6 Kentucky @ #1 […]

Nothing else matters. This is the ONE THING you should vote on.

What is the most important issue in this election? Is it the war in Iraq? Health care for all? Illegal immigration? Surely it’s the economy, right? Wrong. The most important issue in this election, the one that cannot be ignored under any circumstances, is global warming and climate change. I don’t care whether you believe […]

Very interesting. (To me at least.)

I noticed that the logo on at least the first couple of FSN college football broadcasts included a new logo… and regionalized games were shown as “FS Arizona” or “FS Big 12”. Now it seems that the Oklahoma City Thunder will play on a renaming of FSN Southwest to… “FS Oklahoma“. Not FSN Oklahoma. Just […]

Just a follow-up

I left links to my post earlier today on “The Importance of Voting” on Independent Political Report and Democratic Underground. I would prefer to have left a comment on a conservative site as well, but the only conservative site I’m really attached to is Newsbusters, which is not particularly wont to post anything connected enough […]

The Importance of Voting

This is very important to me. I know all ten of you reading the strip probably aren’t reading it for this sort of thing, and most webcomiceers would probably say go ahead and leave if you don’t like it, but if you yourself are wondering, “Why would I want to vote?” – and even if […]

The Angst-O-Meter: Day 3 or Conclusion

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized surprises.)   This will be the last Angst-O-Meter, at least for now… I’m about to launch into something big and webcomics posts are about to be curtailed sufficient to force me to stop. Neither of the conditions I set when I started are extant; I just need to save time. […]

Five weeks in the books in college football…

If you had Week 4 in your “First Lineal Title Change” pool, collect your prize! If you had Week 4 in your “First Lineal Title Held By A Team That’s Not Unbeaten” pool, collect your prize! If you had both… you obviously saw the Oregon State upset of USC coming (or you saw Mississippi State […]

It doesn’t help that the closest non-university supplier of USB drives that I know of has such a limited selection.

If you use USB drives… and you’re fed up with losing caps and thinking of getting a retractable connector… and you want your USB drives to last a long time… especially if you store your stuff on them… …then no matter how tempted you may be, do NOT pick up a SanDisk Cruzer Micro, especially […]

Sports Watcher for the Weekend of 9/27-28

All times PDT. All college football rankings reflect my C Ratings for teams in positive B Points. Saturday9-12 PM: College Football, Northwestern @ Iowa (ESPN Classic). Three teams in my top 25 and a team not in the top 25 but ranked ahead of either one of these two could conceivably go in this spot. […]