I warned you that once I got going with the OOTS posts, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized surrender.)

So it turns out I was wrong, and the title of my last OOTS post was incorrect. He did manage to stop Kubota from getting away.

Couple of points of interest, though. Kubota seems awfully confident. Is it because he sees Elan’s reaction coming, or does he have another plan up his sleeve? Does he plan on killing Hinjo himself once he’s in custody, or does he just feel confident he can beat the magistrate?

(Or… heaven forbid… has he paid off the magistrate?)

Second, Elan actually seems to be slightly upset that Kubota turned himself in, and ultimately gives in to his temptation to punch him in the face.

There’s something to be said about that, something about how close Elan has really gotten to Therkla after really only knowing her for a smattering of strips, something about Elan’s current maturity level and control over his emotions, but it took me too long to write even these words and I don’t know if I had anything to say about it anyway.

Only six more strips until the big 600th episode!

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