Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Well, I have a new battery for my laptop. There still remains the niggling problem of finding a place to use the Internet. I can’t go to the library for reasons that aren’t worth going into here. The main drag right outside the University of Washington Campus used to be a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you can still see its connection if you open up the list of connections, you just can’t, you know, connect. The place I can connect to the Internet without paying three dollars (though I still have to pay in order not to seem creepy) seemingly stopped working the instant I got there, with the normal quick fix not working either, so I’m crouching down beside the place I normally do have to pay three dollars and typing very slowly and deliberately. I should try to be a posting machine for most of tomorrow, and get a backlog going. A good backlog. I still have something I originally wanted to post two and a half weeks ago!

What is it about me that attracts Buddhism-related sites?

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