The worst part? He failed at both options.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized Oscar bait.)
If you read OOTS, either run far, far away from this page right now, or click the thumbnail to read the strip before continuing. A spoiler warning is in effect any time I talk OOTS, but it goes double here.

Well, it appears we now know exactly to what extent Therkla’s role in the strip is/was intended to be.

My personal interpretation of events in OOTS is that everything Rich throws in there is there for a reason. That’s why it’s likely Durkon’s one-time flame Hilgya is bound to come back at some point, literally or metaphorically; that’s why I’m half-convinced there has to be some sort of fallout from the Order’s encounter with bandits. And that’s why I have a feeling Kubota’s plots are about to develop in such a way that Elan will find himself really, really wishing he still had Therkla around. I don’t see them burning any sort of resurrection spell on her, given her last wish, and especially with this death scene.

(Well, and given she’d just turned good.)

Well, that or Elan’s encounter with Therkla will lead him to grow distant with Haley if, as appears likely, their reunion is imminent. But I do know there are quite a few people who were awaiting a potential Therkla-Haley catfight who are probably going to be rather disappointed now.

(There is a third option, embodied in the title of the top thread in the OOTS forum just as it went into database backup mode when I checked: “Therkla and Roy?” But the reasons why that’s just wrong are about a mile high… although we could see Haley die and turn out to have the same alignment as Therkla and get into a catfight after all… I’m not honestly suggesting that of course!)

(And then there’s the fourth option that Kubota just left his “fingerprints” on Therkla’s death and left Elan, Kazumi, and Daigo as witnesses… but he doesn’t come across to me as being that dumb, and it would be a kind of tax-evasiony charge to bring Kubota in on, especially as Elan is really the only one who cares about her.)

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