I should probably comment on this before I forget again.

So I guess now we know how FSN is going to port its new graphics package to other sports.

Not shown: The logo bug in the corner. Does it, perhaps, as might be expected from other evidence, show the new name of the network, “FS Arizona”? No. From what I’ve seen on, say, FSN’s Final Score program and read on Wikipedia, it would read “FS Coyotes”… and would be displayed in Coyotes colors. That suggests a de-emphasis on regional identities in general (something FSN has waffled on in the past) and indeed, the potential for regional identities to be rendered superfluous.

We can presumably expect a similar bug for the NBA, but as the shot clock doesn’t “belong” to anybody, I don’t know where it would be displayed. Maybe it would only be shown when needed over the team with the ball? It would get kind of awkward if it kept shuttling back and forth on changes of possession… and I still have no clue how this box is going to work with baseball.

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