The defense rests.

This was supposed to be the Closing Argument for this series. So naturally I didn’t get started until 1 AM, so it’s a piece of crap, AND it’s been raining at just about every time I’ve attempted to post at the near by, finicky connection that doesn’t have any cover, but the longer and more angering trip to a connection under cover, when I tried it once, saw no rain outside, which is almost enough to make one believe in a vindictive God that hates me for something. (It was clear for long enough to upload the strip, but I had to dash under a nearby cover to actually have it show up on the site, and then Buzzcomix started acting finicky on me when I attempted to update the status line.)

You probably think my platform reviews are boring. I think my platform reviews are boring. Honestly, I originally saw them as a fairly minor part of a larger plan, despite the obvious fact they would probably need to be broken up into multiple parts, and I’m going to be rushing to try and salvage anything from that plan. (It didn’t help that I got such a late start on them. They should have taken one week: no more. But if I were doing a half decent job of them I should be completing three a day.) But if you find them completely irrelevant and not even worth studying, I don’t know what to tell you. If you think it’s not worth it to study them, even when you know this is going to determine the direction the country is going to take in the next four years… then click the link at the start of this post. And click the link at the top of the page that appears. And read it. All of it. Tell your friends. Send it to friends in future elections. And if you think I could have done better, by all means let me know how.

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