Election Live Blog: 8 PM PT Hour

Obama McCain

8:06: Politico has Obama at 324 electoral votes after locking up WA, OR, and CA! They’re also calling FL and NM for Obama. People near the place I’m working at are hooting and hollering, probably over the new threshhold. 350 or even 400 is not out of the question.

8:08: Oregon very tempting to call early. Rhode Island to Obama, completing the Northeastern Sweep. DE and DC the only states I’ve yet to call for Obama N of Potomac and E of PA/OH border.

8:12: SD to McCain. Again, this is jumping both Politico and NYT.

8:14: McCain AUTO PROJECTED to win Tennessee. You can see the auto-projection and confirmation numbers at the top now.

8:16: Obama widening his lead in Virginia, but still too close to call with 92% of the vote in. Politico has the Senate balance of power at 55-39. Dems basically need to sweep the board to have a filibuster-proof majority.

8:19: Obama AUTO PROJECTED to win Vermont. NYT projecting Obama to win but McCain has a slight lead in Washington. Obviously early. King County, where much of Obama’s WA support is, has antiquated systems and will take a long time to count its vote.

8:22: Wisconsin to Obama. McCain lost a percentage point from ’04 Bush in WV but Obama didn’t get it back. Presumably Ralph Nader got it.

8:24: McCain AUTO PROJECTED to win in Wyoming. This obviously means he also gets the regular projection.

8:28: McCain’s concession speech is on right now if you’re interested, although you’re probably already watching. According to Politico, McCain can’t even reach 200.

8:31: McCain AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win in Alabama. Obama’s attempt to steal Arizona has failed. McCain winning 54.2-44.6, two-thirds of the precincts reporting.

8:40: Obama winning DC. McCain never had a chance there. Race surprisingly close in Delaware with 35% reporting. McCain still within margin of error in Florida.

8:43: McCain AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win in Georgia. Starting to shift my attention to CNN.com; I want to hear Obama’s claim-victory speech.

8:49: Iowa to Obama. Idaho to McCain. I’ll keep following the presidential races until my projection has Obama topping 270, or coming close enough that WA, OR, and CA would put him over the top (=197).

8:53: Obama AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win in Illinois. GOP has 40 Senate seats so Democrats will need to sweep the board AND keep Joe Lieberman happy to have a filibuster-proof majority. I don’t think we’ll know who wins Indiana tonight.

8:59: McCain AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win in Louisiana. Enjoy Obama’s speech; new thread after the speech.

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