One-seventh of an important notice

At least for next week, and possibly thereafter, I will make every effort to post the Sunday strip by 10 PM PT Saturday.

With how wild the entire neighborhood can get and my current state of mind, it’s either that or wait until late in the night, and I can’t bring myself to sit through my rowdy neighbors’ partying for several hours.

If the prospect of getting away from this neighborhood isn’t motivation enough for me to get some sort of real job by the end of the MONTH, it’s a sign there may not BE a job for me.

Update: Okay, apparently I somehow didin’t update tnew database for yesyerday’s steitag[ pdfgbdl; km;gkcknvmvjkfxcfgnvmkmvcjfm4w,v.mkfjcmx gr jm .blvugr.,b/m sodnsav

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