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It’s been too long since I reviewed THIS David Morgan-Mar webcomic!

(From Darths and Droids. Click for full-sized heroic last words.) I promise, an actual review of an actual webcomic I haven’t properly reviewed before is coming on Tuesday. It’s hard because a lot of popular webcomics are taking the holidays off, and I’m not even getting a full week with the comic I actually intend […]

Quick post

I had a post in mind for Thursday, but I never could quite remember what it was. I could have easily decided to take today off because of the holiday. But my streak will continue dammit! I do have something planned for tomorrow though…

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Is it legal for me to semi-pimp this site?

Robert A. Howard, this one’s for you! Or: On art in webcomics. Or: This really would have worked better if it was color like every other Wotch strip.

(From The Wotch. Click for full-sized awkward moments.) Good evening. Today I’m here to talk about a grave condition afflicting webcomics all across the land. I call it Casey and Andy Eyes. This condition, afflicting many a webcomic but especially those drawn by marginal artists or those overly inspired by anime, has as its major […]

Another reason the NFL may have forgone Dolphins-Jets on Sunday night?

The parade of New York columnists complaining about moving a cold-weather game to the nighttime in reference to Panthers-Giants. That may have also killed Giants-Vikings (although that’s in a dome) and even Cowboys-Eagles if arcane rules didn’t do so.

We wish you a merry blog-day…

On this day two years ago, I made the very first post in the history of Da Blog. I remember it clearly. The post was written inside a bus stop shelter in cold conditions, and I shivered as I typed those first words about myself. I had a few ideas of where I was going […]

2008 Golden Bowl Tournament Quarterfinals

#9 USC v. #1 OklahomaThe game turned out to be surprisingly boring… aside from the team that was winning. It didn’t look to be that way at first. Mark Sanchez’s second pass attempt was picked off – but the Trojan defense forced its second straight three-and-out. The next time the Trojans got the ball, Joe […]

Running Playoff and SNF Week 17 Watch

I lost the first version of this post. This is a quick update. Will update this post as the day progresses. Maybe.-Colts and Ravens improved their standing, but a Colts loss next week could still bring them down to a tiebreaker. Tiebreak checks later. Dolphins and Pats both win, Jets playing Seahawks.-Chargers took care of […]

College Football Schedule: Bowls

Rankings reflect my College Football Rankings. This week’s rankings only (not past weeks) reflect a correction: Stanford’s game against San Jose State was being counted as being against San Diego State. It shouldn’t affect anything at the top and certainly not anything in the Golden Bowl, but it does affect three conferences’ ratings, and as […]

Some quick notes

This post was originally planned for tomorrow, which is when the College Football Rankings will likely be delayed until. The main reason is because someone gave me another reason to post today. Robert A. Howard somewhat belatedly commented on my post on Tangents, and mentioned that he “definitely [would] mention [Da B]log over at Tangents.” […]