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Is my personal long national nightmare at the beginning of the end?

I don’t want to jinx anything, and I’m technically losing the services of the place where my dad has been working (I think I can still post the strip from here), but events may be being set in motion to solve the problems I’ve been having for the better part of a year. I’m starting […]

More football than you’d ever expect two days before the Super Bowl

(Editor’s note: This post was  reconstructed from scratch because WordPress’ importer missed it the first time through. I don’t think any comments were left with this post but if there were I apologize.) Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated uses the Arizona Cardinals to back the BCS, or at best a plus-one, in a column on […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

I have absolutely nothing to say about this.

Da Blog for the rest of this week

So after I proclaimed how much less stressed dropping the webcomic post for this week was going to make me, I’m realizing I’m as stressed as ever if not more. Barring a calamity, Thursday should see the long-awaited posting of the final college football rankings and lineal titles. Friday should see the posting of another […]


I’ve been bottling this up all week, but I have a big beef with Buzzcomix. And it’s not so much that they’ve been down for the second time in less than a month. As annoying as that is, because they really need to figure out what this problem is and solve it. No, it’s the […]

So because I lost an early draft of this post Wednesday, yesterday I had to type it up in a “draft” editor that was autosaving but not rendering everything correctly. I had to use regular Blogger to add the strip image.

(From Something Positive. Click for full-sized pie.) This is going to be a shorter review than some of my other ones. Something Positive is funny in a way, because for me, it’s the opposite of xkcd. When I reviewed xkcd I started out doing a limited archive binge, and because I found myself with little […]

After the Golden Bowl…

…Mark Sanchez, seeing how close he came to a national championship, elects to come back to USC for another season. Think of how acrimonious his real-life decision to jump to the NFL was, how it caused a split with his coach and maybe even his father. Now suppose that, rather than being the top of […]

Maybe this post is just to maintain my two-today pledge in my own mind.

One thing that, when you think about it, is rather amazing about America is its diversity – not in race or creed or anything like that, but in the places people live. America is a big country – only Russia, China, and depending on who you talk to, China (and I’m not talking about Taiwan) […]

2009 Golden Bowl: USC v. Florida

I introduced the Golden Bowl after the semifinals as Golden Bowl II, but given my shifts in priorities and the new way we got here, not to mention I’m not waiting a year to present the results, I think Golden Bowl I might be more appropriate… prepare for a lot of scrolling… Golden Bowl I: […]

Another reason why I might sometimes be slower than I’d like…

Sometimes Internet Explorer will just freeze up for basically no reason at all and I have to wait for it to finish doing a bunch of shit on the hard drive. I just lost the webcomic post to this. I hadn’t done much work on it but I HAD done some… it doesn’t help that […]