No comment on Darths and Droids finishing Episode One.

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Getting this out of the way so I don’t have to worry about making sure I get a post out for the rest of the day…

So after about a week of whiteness fading to blueness fading to redness fading to blackness, the entire sequence led to the blackness turning out to be the Head Death’s eye. Despite what most people probably expected, it wasn’t the birth pangs of a new universe; instead, everyone is hanging out on the Not-So-Infinite and Not-So-Featureless Infinite Featureless Plane of Death, which survived the death of the universe.

This helps explain the themes that were and were not part of this crossover… as Supers is hand-drawn, even if it had crossed over with anything it’d be impossible for it to mesh with all the LEGO figures in this sequence. But Espionage has been seen to use the IFPoD as well, even if it’s interacted with no other themes and even if getting roped into this crossover would delay the main plot too much.

There’s still some question as to what will happen next… will everyone ultimately get returned to some revival of their universe? Is the rest of the strip just going to be various misadventures in whatever comes after the IFPoD? Wait… what if what comes after the IFPoD is just a carbon copy of the previous universe and everything proceeds as if nothing happened, yet something happened?

My head hurts…

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