2008 Golden Bowl Tournament: Minor Bowls Part II

As there’s only one bowl after today that’s affected by the Golden Bowl Tournament as listed here, I’m clearing them all out right now. (And don’t you wish the Chick-fil-A Bowl was the one told of here instead of the one we got?) For whatever reason it appears SportsLine isn’t doing expected weather conditions anymore.

Outback Bowl: Ole Miss 28, Michigan State 21
Cordera Eason (43-yard TD run) and Ashlee Palmer (game-ending INT) are Mississippi state heroes.

Capitol One Bowl: Ohio State 21, Georgia 27
Big Ten haters are going to have a field day with this one.

Gator Bowl: Nebraska 30, Georgia Tech 37
The Huskers stayed in it much better than most people expected, and still had a shot to win at the end, making it into the red zone on their last possession.

Liberty Bowl: LSU 34, East Carolina 20
LSU gets more of a challenge here than they did in the real-life Chick-fil-A Bowl.

More bowls still to come!

This space intentionally left blank.

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So, did you hear? Apparently the very fabric of the universe got torn apart yesterday.

Bit of a grim way to put up my first post of the new year, eh?

On another note, why isn’t Supers or Miscellaneous among the myriad of themes listed on this strip?

(Yes, I am reviewing a comic that’s not by David Morgan-Mar today. However, I’m probably going to put up another post on IWC if and when there’s another comic. Which I will spend all of today, if not beyond, anxiously awaiting.)

(On another note, I’m fairly sure Sandsday is the very first comic to update its “status” on Buzzcomix in the new year, going by timestamps at least. Yay me! Let’s put up a wildly propagandized historical marker to mark the occasion!)